Wedding Rings Pop up Card

I made this wonderful wedding rings pop up card to congratulate two of my good friends. I noticed a card template by CreativePopUpCards a while ago and I always wanted to see if I could make it myself.  If you like the card template, please support his work by purchasing it on his website! I made this card from scratch as an intellectual challenge.

The card looks complicated but it was actually pretty straight forward after I took notes and made some test models. First, I made an exact outline for the placement of the rings on powerpoint (remember to set the page size). Next I made a outline for the message elements.

Card Outline

This is where I figured out what messages to write and pictures to add. The wedding theme was lavender and teal so I decided to have lavender on the inside. I added a Chinese theme to the card since the groom was Chinese (even though he is very American lol). I also had to choose fonts for all the word elements. On top of a outline template, I made a “print page” where I dumped all the words and pictures I needed to cut and paste into the card onto one page. No point in printing the whole outline and wasting space and color ink when it is not necessary.

So back to the rings: CreativePopUpCards has a solitaire engagement ring but my friend had a three stone setting with pavé diamonds on the side. The pavé diamonds wouldn’t show up on the side view so i just found a three stone setting with a pretty trellis for my template.

Lastly, it was just cutting the rings out and the message boxes and pasting all the printed words and pictures. Everyone really loved it!


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