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The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Moving can be one of the most stressful things. However, do you remember those college days where you moved every year, sometimes twice? Imagine the stress on top of studying for finals! *shudder*

Now I am about to move into my first apartment! Of course I am going list crazy over it. I have started an excel sheet with color coding. Yeah, I know I am a bit overboard. But I like to organize and with a detailed packing list you can save time and energy fretting over the move. Plus, a good list can help prevent last minute purchases and help you save money for other things [like home accessories! gilded mirrors anyone? JK ;)] I color coded my list based on what I must buy (green for expensive and red for regular) and things I may want later (yellow) and luxurious items (blue) when i have another paycheck in my pocket. There are also things you can steal (*ahem* I mean borrow) from your parents or friends (purple for must and orange for maybe).

Some questions to ask yourself to help write your list:
1. Am I living alone or with others? (This determines how many sets of dishes you should have and if your housemates will bring their own furniture/kitchen gadgets)
2. What will i be cooking? (figuring out what kitchen tools are absolutely necessary – you don’t want to start making cookies when you don’t have a cookie sheet!)
3. What do I want to buy new and what can I borrow from my parents? (keep in mind what your savings account look like unless your parents/friends want to give you gifts!) For me I absolutely, positively, no question about it wanted a new mattress. I shopped around on Amazon until I found a great queen memory foam mattress at a reasonable price.

So here are some essential items I believe everyone should have in their home. This is MY list for an efficiency apartment so please keep this in mind for your own packing list.

bed & pillow & blankets
desk (unless you want your kitchen table to double as one)
desk chair (comfy would be ideal)
stationary (including writing implements & accessories like scissors)

table & chairs
big stock pot + lid
small saucepan + lid
nonstick pan (I recommend a 10 inch with lid)
crock pot/electric pot (for those lazy one pot meals)
dish drying rack

bake ware (cookie sheets & casserole dishes)
cutting board & knives
cooking utensils (spatula, long spoon, measuring cups, etc)
can opener
veggie peeler
dish rags & oven mitts & trivets

mugs & glasses
bowls & plates
eating utensils (spoons & forks & etc)
containers (preferably with leak proof lids for lunches and leftovers)
zip lock bags

shower curtain(s)
shampoo & conditioner
shaving stuff
body wash / soap
various towels (hand, body, face, etc)
toothbrush & paste & floss
non-slip bath mat

broom & dust pan
mop (swiffer for small apartments! no need to deal with a bucket)
bucket (never hurts to have one)
vacuum (if you have carpet)
trash cans & trash bags
dish soap & sponges
all purpose cleaner spray
gloves (for handling extra gross dirtiness)
rubbing alcohol/hydrogen peroxide
hand soap
toilet cleaner & brush

bug swatter & bug spray (industrial strength – especially in hot & humid regions)
flashlight (and/or candles + lighter)
laundry supplies (detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softener, & etc)
iron & ironing board
stocking your pantry
tissue & toilet paper

Download my detailed excel moving check list.

Good Tips:
1. Check out goodwill & thrift stores in your local area for kitchen gadgets and furniture. Craigslist is a great place for furniture and higher end items too. Discount stores like Marshalls/Ross are also great!
2. If you are living with others, make a chores list! Figure out who will take out the trash and how often.
3. You might also want to invest in renter’s insurance.

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