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My Bunny Rabbit Painting

I first got introduced to painting in art class in school like everyone else. However, I never thought I would pick it up again since paint is expensive and you have to have paint of each color and what not. Then, my sister gave me my first painting kit for Christmas one year. It was the Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint-It! Kit. It only had 6 colors (Cadmium Red Medium Hue, Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, Cerulean Blue Hue, Raw Umber, Yellow Oxide, Deep Green Permanent) plus a big tube of titanium white. Unfortunately the umber had somehow dried into a weird blob (that was still wet but unable to mix or paint with) but this kit got me hooked!

The kit also came with a 5×7 canvas board which is very small by most people’s standards but it was perfect for me. I love painting small detailed items. However, I have completed bigger pieces. My latest was a 12×16 painting for a dear friend.

Textured bunny laying in a grassy field

Rabbit Painting fin Nov2014

rabbit painting progress – it looks like a brown seal instead of a bunny


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Bunny Pop up Card #2


Here is another Bunny Pop Up card! I really love how unique this pop up card looks. Common pop up cards uses the V fold and stand mechanism. However, this card by Carol on extremecards uses this crossed X mechanism that looks amazing. I used her PDF card template and it worked extremely well! (lol pun not intended!) I didn’t want the printed lines to show so I traced over the printed template with pencil instead. Due to the folding design, it is hard to center the pop up portion perfectly on the card, but other wise this is a great pop up!

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Bunny Popup Card

A fun and fancy popup card for any occasion! Image

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